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Dr Bhatia's Dental Clinic in Gurgaon

Dr. Bhatia’s - Specialists in Every Area of Dental Care

Our dentists in Palam Vihar or pitam Pura are proud to provide quality and thorough dental services with affordabel dental packages in Gurgaon, including Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Specialist Orthodontics, Implant Dentistry and Dentures, all at exceptionally high standards. The key to our success has been our effort to provide specialised services for each dental treatment using safe and painless procedures by highly accredited dental professionals. Our commitment to excellence in both dental care and customer satisfaction has made us one of the happiest and busiest dental clinics in Gurgaon, and we are always ready and willing to help any patient achieve the smile of their dreams.

Our Motto

Excellence in Dentistry redefined

Dr Bhatias Dental Care

At Dr. Bhatia’s we believe you should do whatever you’re best at. At our clinics, we’ve developed a team of dentists who only perform specialised treatments in areas they excel in. Each dentist on our team has mastered a set of specific dental skills through vigorous training and years of experience, maintaining continual dental education and innovation to provide results that are minutely perfected with a goal of 100% patient satisfaction

At your visit to our dental clinics in Palam Vihar or Pitam Pura, you can expect a relaxed and considerate approach to your dental care by a specialist dentist and an ultra-modern dental clinic. We try to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible, creating amazing and natural transformations in no time. We love timely and efficient service, and we pride ourselves on our thorough yet time-efficient services to make sure our patients do not have to wait for a better smile. Our Gurgaon clinics offer affordable, timely, and customized care to every patient, every visit. We provide affordable dental packages in Gurgaon at our clinic.


Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Clinic is renowned across Pitampura, Delhi & Gurgaon for our affordable and specialised care. Every dentist at the clinic is an expert in their respective departments, providing you with faultless and thorough treatment satisfaction. The materials used for the procedures are all approved and imported by global manufacturers, meeting industry and global health standards. Our dental clinic in Gurgaon atmosphere keeps all ages comfortable and content, and we assure every patient that they’ll walk out completely satisfied with a smile they love. The clinic has an ambiance suitable for all age groups to keep them in utter comfort. From consultation to completion, your service with Dr. Bhatia’s will be personal and perfect.

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