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When you are a new parent, there are so many new responsibilties to learn and remember about caring for your child that it can feel overwhelming. Dental hygiene is essential to your child’s health and overall development, so let us remove the stress and anxiety related to this situation by offering our premium children’s dentistry services. Just like grown-ups, children need their teeth to be taken care of, and as soon as their teeth begin to develop, they need to visit paediatric dentists so that the dentists can have a look at the teeth of their young patients. A child should make their first trip to the dentist by his/her 1st birthday as per American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, so bring them to Dr. Bhatia’s for a positive and engaging experience that will instill healthy dental habits for years to come.

It is easier for a child to develop a positive relationship with the dental clinic if they are familiarized with their environment. At Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Clinic, we make sure to give a friendly atmosphere where children, rather than dreading the dentist, are seen happily undergoing the treatment. Our clinic, as the principal dental clinic in Palam Vihar, is well acknowledged for our crew of effective and friendly dentists and for providing superior service to every patient, including children. We offer the best pediatric dentistry options in Gurgaon and are routinely acknowledged for our cheerful competence and assistance with all kinds of pediatric issues, including milk teeth damage, loose teeth, and overall hygiene and health. Our dental team is highly specialized and has pertinent training and education to deal with kids of all ages.

Prevention services

Oral hygiene directives

Teaching good oral hygiene is challenging for many families, so our dentists will work with both children and parents to teach, practice, and affirm healthy teeth hygiene, including brushing, flossing, and overall care to avoid cavities and other issues.

Nutritional counseling

We all know kids simply adore immensely junk food and sweets. The second key reason for the cavities in your children is snacking. We offer education about what foods cause cavities, as well as ways to adapt your child’s diet to minimalize the hazards of cavities.


Fluoride when applied on teeth makes them resilient to acid attacks and helps teeth fight against cavities. It also deters early decay and re-mineralizes the tooth surface. Fluorides, obtainable in numerous forms of gels, varnishes or foam are used by our dentist to make your children’s teeth cavity- free without a bad taste.


The chewing surface of the first permanent molar in your child’s mouth is predisposed to decay. These teeth develop as early as the age of 6, so sealants are the best acknowledged treatment to avert decay. Takes a couple of minutes to add this service and your youngster will become a cavity fighter for the rest of their lives.

Children are Welcome at Dr. Bhatia’s!

When it comes to treating youngsters, Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Clinic in Gurgaon is considered one of the finest places for pediatric dentistry. The clinic has predominantly housed child-sized dental chairs for convenient and comfy treatment. We also offer a specially designed ambiance bearing in mind the comfort and demeanor needed to put children and families at ease. Contact our pediatric dentist in Gurgaon today for superior care fitting your child’s needs.

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