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Do you need orthodontics?

IIf you are encountering issues with bad bite or misalignment in your teeth as a result of injury or any other reasons, then you may need the assistance of orthodontic treatment. Folks who have such problems often feel embarrassment when they have to laugh and smile, especially as they age. But rather than just feeling introverted and shy, why not take the assistance of the best orthodontist in Gurgaon to repair and redeem your winning smile? We are armed with cutting-edge technology and contemporary equipment that provides the safest and best treatment around. We have a leading and knowledgeable team of dentists who are experts in realignment and orthodontic pratice.

Ideal candidates for the orthodontic treatment

It is imperative to note that braces treatment is for anybody, regardless of the age. Braces may feel like a treatment reserved for children, but this treatment is effective for people of all ages, even elders. In fact, as you age this type of orthdoontic care can be the best treatment for complications associated with aging like crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, weakening jaw strength, and more. In fact, people who don’t act on misaligned teeth or related issues face a number of potential dental issues including tooth decay, gum ailments, bad oral health, or bad breath.

Orthodontic treatments at Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Clinic

If you are anywhere in and around Gurgaon, then you’ve likely heard of Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Clinic. It is the superlative dental clinic in Gurgaon because we try to offer the best treatment to our patients at reasonable prices. Individuals often postpone their dental problems due to financial distress over the expense of orthodontic treatment, but we relieve that stress right away. Just make an appointment with us and meet our proficient orthodontist in Gurgaon who can guide you to an affordable treatment that’s suitable for you.
Let us help you enhance your smile and schedule your appointment with Dr. Sidharth Bhatia, a young and dynamic orthodontist in Gurgaon, today.

Information about types of braces
There are four types of braces that excellent dentists use in their practices:
  • Metal braces – In these treatments, metal brackets are put on the teeth and the patient has to wear them for a couple of months. This is the most prevalent and successful treatment for patient satisfaction, but we are also proud to offer a variety of other innovative and aesthetically pleasing treatments.
  • Invisible braces – These superior braces offer invisible yet effective tooth realignment. Plastic trays are fit over the braces to create a natural and unaffected smile while slowly realigning your teeth to their perfect condition.
  • Lingual Braces– Metal brackets installed on the interior of your teeth, offering perfect and permanent teeth alignment without visible braces or repairs of any kind.
  • Ceramic braces – A new innovation in the brace world, ceramic braces are tooth coloured and provide the same benefits and treatment results as metal braces without any of the obvious display associated with metal brackets./li>

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