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Speciality – Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry

DegreesBDS,MDS- Endodontics

Experience – Worked for one year at a prestigious dental practice in Dubai

Dr Deeksha Bhatia is a compassionate dentist who specialises in Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry. Her goal as a practitioner is to create a positive dental experience for each of her patients, working with them towards the best possible smiles. Happy and Caring, her gentle hands help patients stay calm and comforted throughout the treatment. She specialises in Painless Root Canal Treatment, Endo Surgery, Crowns and Bridges, Aesthetic Dentistry and Conservative Dentistry treatments like Smile Makeover, Bleaching(Whitening), Veneers, Laminates and Onlays.

The shear bond strength of resin-based composite to white mineral trioxide aggregate.

It is unknown if resin-based composite can be placed on top of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) immediately after placement of the MTA. The authors aimed to measure the bond strength of a resin-based composite to white MTA (WMTA) with different bonding strategies at different intervals.
The authors bonded resin-based composite to MTA with three bonding protocols (n = 45 per group) (group 1, total-etching adhesive; group 2, two-step self-etching adhesive; or group 3, one-step self-etching adhesive), immediately (subgroup A), 45 minutes (subgroup B) or 24 hours (subgroup C) after placement of the MTA. The authors measured shear bond strength by means of a universal testing machine and performed statistical analysis of the data by means of two-way and one-way analysis of variance (P < .05).

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Retreatability of 2 Mineral Trioxide Aggregate-based Root Canal Sealers: A Cone-beam Computed Tomography Analysis

The retreatability of recent calcium silicate or mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) sealers has not yet been assessed. The aim of this study was to evaluate the removal of 2 MTA-based sealers (MTA Fillapex [Angelus Soluções Odontológicas, Londrina, PR, Brazil] and MTA Plus [Prevest-Denpro, Jammu City, India]) using a rotary retreatment system, considering an epoxy resin sealer (AH Plus [Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland]) as the standard for comparison.
Root canals in 45 single-rooted teeth were instrumented using a rotary nickel-titanium system (MTwo; VDW GmbH, Munich, Germany) and obturated with gutta-percha using one of the following sealers (n = 15): group 1, MTA Fillapex; group 2, MTA Plus; and group 3, AH Plus. The teeth were scanned using a cone-beam computed tomography scanner. After 2 months, the root canals were retreated with a rotary retreatment system (ProTaper Universal Retreatment; Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland) and a second cone-beam computed tomography scan was performed to assess the amount of remaining root filling material (in percentage) and dentin removal (in cubic millimeters). The time taken to reach the working length was calculated in minutes. Group comparisons were performed using 1-way analysis of variance and the Student-Newman-Keuls post hoc test (P = .05).