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Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

A root canal is the territory inside the tooth that contains the tooth mash. It incorporates nerves and other touchy tissue which when tainted or diseased causes side effects like tenacious toothache, delayed affectability, teeth obscuring, and gum soreness. This in the end prompts teeth misfortune if not treated. Our Endodontist, Dr. Deeksha, can utilize a wide variety of endodontic medications including single-sitting easy root canal treatment to give superior oral cleanliness.
As a young and exceptionally talented endodontist, she is trained in cutting edge tooth health strategies and can convey a delicate, agreeable, and easy treatment to every client. For the majority of our clients, the root canal treatment is finished in a solitary sitting of just 30 minutes in which the tainted mash is evacuated and the root canal is cleaned and cleaned. In the event that there is a contamination, the tooth is incidentally fixed and the treatment is continued once the tooth is recuperated, all in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining the excellent health and treatment of your tooth.


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Contact Dr Bhatia’s Dental Clinic for Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon and Pitampura. You can expect a thorough evaluation of your dental and medical history, a full clinical examination of your mouth, and totally transparent and honest dental advice on your visit. The doctor will suggest the right treatment for your goals and provide a timeline supported by advanced graphics to stimulate your treatment progress. Contact Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Clinic for superior, comfortable, and efficient root canal treatment in Palam Vihar and Pitampura.
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