With so many innovative techniques being pioneered every year in the dental industry, an aesthetic and customized smile has never been more possible. The smile makeover team at our dental clinic in Gurgaon believes in giving people a cheerful smile that is natural, never overdone. With nominal invasion using new scientific discoveries, you can now have a Hollywood-like smile in a matter of minutes.

The term” smile makeover” refers to the reconstruction of your smile using minimally invasive and occasionally surgical procedures to rectify virtually any issue you have with your smile. A smile makeover in Gurgaon is a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedure that embraces treatments like tooth repair and replacement, teeth whitening, white fillings, lumineers, porcelain veneers, all-ceramic crowns/bridges, gap closures, braces, laser dentistry, and gummy smile improvement. Our team will personally analyze your smile and recommend a customized procedure that will target your individual needs and build the perfect smile for you.

How can a smile makeover in Gurgaon give you a happy smile?

If you have dull, stained, distorted, or missing teeth, you are almost certainly hesitant to smile. A bright, spectacular smile can give you back your self-confidence and true contentment. Whatever the reasons for your discontent with your smile, we address every concern with a personalized plan for success and smiling once more. Concerns to choose smile makeover treatment:

  • ● Gaps between front teeth are key concerns for many of our patients. These can be easily rectified with invisible braces or conventional orthodontics. They can also be covered with ceramic veneers and laminates for a quicker solution that is professional and efficient in treatment.
  • ● Chipped, broken teeth can be corrected with ease. Depending on your individual needs, treatments like cosmetic bonding or ceramic crowns can be used to reinstate the shape and function of the tooth, returning a previously damaged smile to being perfect and pearly once more!
  • ● Missing teeth can be replaced. Dental implants act as a root imitation which is then loaded with a tooth coloured crown. Solutions like a dental bridge or a denture can also play a role in replacing a tooth, leaving you with a natural replacement that functions just like your original tooth!
  • ● If you have a gummy smile or pigmentation on your gums, gum contouring and crown lengthening can shape your smile and carve out the perfect grin for you.
  • ● Not happy with the color of your teeth? Processes like dental scaling, teeth whitening and polishing can help you attain that instantaneous fresh and pearly look in an affordable and painless procedure.

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