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This is a unique and innovative concept that we have implemented in our practice to ensure complete hygiene and sanitation. We sterilize every appliance before and after treatment in line with industry standards, but to demonstrate that we go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring patient health and safety, we have adopted a totally disposable practice. Each treatment is completed using brand new equipment, fresh from a sealed, sterilized bag. Each tool is made fro the best materials, sourced from industry-leading dental clinics from the United States and beyond.

Once treatment is completed, we reseal each piece of used equipment and return the bag to you, where you can either store it for eventual sanitization and reuse or dispose of it safely. Our practice puts health, safety, and environmental concerns at the forefront of our minds, and through our disposable practice we affirm our commitment to our patients and to our planet.

Our dental clinics are well equipped with the latest in dentistry equipment to provide dental treatments that are safe and comfortable for our patients. To achieve unparalleled results, we stress clinic hygiene and use stringent sterilization techniques unrivaled by any other clinic.

Our procedure includes a combination of disinfecting, water maintenance, and ultrasonic cleansing to ensure 100% cleanliness of each dental appliance. All surfaces in our clinics are disinfected with IDA approved disinfectants to keep the clinic hygienic and healthy on a daily basis. Our water lines and appliances are regularly maintained by qualified maintenance staff.

Dental appliances are mechanically washed before being fed through ultrasonic chemical cleaners which use vigorous sound waves to scrape off any debris and make the appliance clean and free of any contaminants. Once the appliance is chemically cleaned, we use the cutting edge Autoclave Technology, which uses unique color-coding, to indicate when the appliance is 100 percent clean. This completes the sterilization process without any human interaction and free of any errors that could compromise patient safety. Materials used in our dental clinic in Gurgaon are as fresh as new during each dental treatment, arriving in newly sanitized and sterile airtight bags for every patient, while our dental teams redress in hygiene essentials such as gowns, gloves, caps, goggles, and more before and after every service.

You can expect the highest level of professionalism in our services and sterilization procedures because we’re committed to your safety and security.

To provide safe treatments with lasting results, we only use dental materials from leading manufacturers around the world. Almost all materials used during treatments at our dental clinic carry a warranty that is recognised globally. Implants are all Nobel Biocare with a 20-year replacement warranty. Our Royal Crowns and root canal treatments feature a 5-year warranty. Filling and ceramic veneers both offer 3-year free replacement warranties to ensure that if any issues occur your smile is fixed free of charge as soon as possible.

Implants: Nobel Biocare with 20 years replacement warranty.
Crowns : Royal Crowns
Root canal treatments: 5 year warranty.
Fillings: 3 year warranty
Ceramic Veneers: 3 year free replacement warranty.

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